Franchise & Rebranding Support

Franchise & Rebranding Support

What Does It Take?

The first steps are about supporting and advising you in answering the key-questions you should evaluate before buying a franchise, even an established franchise provider.

▪︎ What are the cost of this franchise?
▪︎ Does the franchise concept has enough track records in your country, in your region, for similar hotel profiles?
▪︎ Is my territory, my location, my hotel profile and my vision the right one for this franchise?
▪︎ What are your future plans for expansion and will the franchise company, the franchise´s marketing is still matching your vision?

During the second phase, we support you and your team to process the implementation of new franchise or brand concept in the area of:
▪︎ System and Brand Implementation
▪︎ Hotel´s name change & logo change on OTA´s and other partners
▪︎ System Configuration and Mapping Processes (CRS, CMS, GDS)
▪︎ Test runs and Go Live.

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